Dine @ Porkies, Jalan Song

This is the first time I came here and I think it is quite a nice place to hang out with friends. For those who prefer to have a drink at some decent place,  you can think of here. Located at Jalan Song, it is very easy to find the place (just right behind OneJaya).

I like the food here. Pardon me for the blur picture. My phone is almost out of battery which result in the blurred pictures. Sigh! I should really remember to bring camera each time there’s an occasion!! Also, I don't have any idea of the name of this meal. It is all ordered by my colleague 
Anyway, some introduction of a different type of alcolhol – Strongbow. This is one type of German beer that is made of apple cider. It is said to be good for health (how true? Obviously, I had no idea!). I will definitely give it a try some other day. As for now, I had to keep myself away from every alcohols. 


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