2012 Recap and 2013 Resolution Target

As I'm writting this post, I try to search for my post for 2012 resolution but then I couldn't find it. Gosh!! Now I remember that I have not set any resolution for 2012!!! Oh well, 2012 had past. Regret now won't do any good. Let me see what I've achieve last year.

Major changes definitely is that I am now officially called MOTHER to my girl name "Kylee". She is born on 11th October 2012 at 12:43 PM via normal delivery. Most people say she look like me. Whoever she looks like, she is still my daughter. Lol!

OK, apart from that, I can't recall if there's any big changes or update in my life. Hhhmmm, sound like a boring year for me.

Financially, I'm still trying to recover from the spending I made on my wedding and house item. Sighh, with baby on the way, it's quite impossible to achieve any goals.

So, not much resolution set last year. For this year, I MUST set some resolution or else, it's going to be another boring and lazy year to me.

After several round of thinking and drafting my resolution, I finally set my target.

1. Spend some on house renovation
As I'm still recovering on my "pocket", budget for renovation would  be minimal. I'm intending to install netting on all windows of the room in my house. Going to get this done by first quarter of the year

2. Financial target
I'm setting my own target of increasing my financial saving, potentially 10% of my salary every month

3. Breastfeeding
In practicing and encouraging future mother or mother to be on the benefit of breastfeeding, I'm targetting to breastfeed my daughter for minimum 6 month. Wish me luck!

4. Travelling
After my wedding, I have not had any chance to go anywhere for honeymoon, or even relaxing myself. So, this year resolution will be to travel at least one time. I have not really set my target location yet. Budget is tight, so it will be a short trip to somewhere nearby

5. Mom
I'm a mom. Gosh, felt like yesterday that I graduated from university. As it is a new journey for me, I'm targeting to be a better and gorgeous and hot mama. Haha.. Resolution this year is to understand my daughter and know what she is trying to tell me when each time she cry.

6. Lose Weight.
After delivery, I've got a lot of 'work' to do on my body. There's 4 KG to go - 4KG of stubborn fats in my body that I need to get rid of. Target body weight = 47KG or if possible, 45 KG (hehehe)

Wow!! So much target. I better not add more or it will be all down the drain later. Hehehe.. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 and I wish all of you to have another cheerful and happy life ahead. CHEERS!!


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