Kylee Turns One

My little angel turn 1 year old!! Wow, how time flies. It's like just yesterday that I've delivered a baby and now, she is already one.

Since this is our first child, we decided to celebrate her turning one. Being the lazy us, we didn't think much of the location. Hubby likes the food at Pai Jia Le and since they have a private room for functions, we decided to hold a simple party for her.

As I'm cutting cost, I decided to DIY the backdrop. It's all mummy's hard work.. Well of course, mummy and her 'ji mui'...

As for the cake, I ordered one from TAKA and another one was a gift from my lovely 'ji mui'. And also, the cute little cup cake.

As I seldom bring her out where there's many people around, she got freak out when everyone wants to carry her. Crying each time someone comes near. Haaaihzzzzz .. But when comes to presents, I can see, she is the happiest girl that night.


Soon to be F1 model? Haha ...


Rose said…
Happy birthday to your girl!

I also love eating in Pai Jia Le

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