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Cozy Cafe, Jalan Song

Feeling hungry for something different on lunch time? Another place you can think of will be this restaurant - The Cozy Cafe. It is opposite One TJ with a black signboard. The environment is indeed cozy and warmth.

Taste wise not bad but I can say that the service is a little weird. We order tea and they only permitted to give us 2 cup. Hhmmmm, I thought that we can just ask them to refill the pot wit hot water and share the tea amongst us. Guess this is how they earn more - limiting the number of sharing per tea pot. Oh well, got to just follow their rules.

And this is what we ordered - sharing portion between a few of us. After all, ladies are small eaters.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

Fish and chips

Spaghetti Carbonara with hot dogs 
Enjoy your lunch yea...

5 tell DD:

Rose 9:45 AM  

Look good. Price is reasonable too I assume??

Coffee Girl 4:05 PM  

Should try the bacon pizza next time too. It's nice!

Izz Latif 2:16 PM  

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Ronak Shah 8:52 PM  

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Jong Fui Fa 3:55 PM  

I'm having Chicken Teriyaki Rice at Madam Tang's now :)

Was looking nice at my 2008 post, decided to follow your link to see if you're still blogging.

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