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April Fools

Hey people! Dont't forget that today is April's Fool. Hehehehe ..

I still remember that last time in uni, my classmate disturb us by saying that our lecturer is looking for us and tells us to meet them in their room. So off me and a friend went to the lecturer's room to look for them. Upon reaching there, we ask our lecturer what is the reason of looking for us. Well, I guess my lecturer knows already that this is an April's Fool day. They look at us and ask us "Don't you know it is April's Fool? Happy April Fool to you!"...

Still blurred and confused, we looked at each other and confused. Then my lecturer explains again. "You two had fallen into April's Fool trap. Today is 1st Apr"... My friend and I got "ggggrrrrrrrrr" ...

So who are you disturbing today???? Don't get over excited ya!!

6 tell DD:

levian 11:50 AM  

haha. am sure you won't get tricked this year. happy april fool !! :D

Dav DiDi 12:46 PM  

My bf already trick me early in the morning ... say he going back at 11am .. but is just to trick me .. :P

rollakid 8:47 PM  

Not as good as telling some of your friends that you're getting married and see their reaction...

Dav DiDi 12:58 PM  

Huhuhu .. I fell for that one ... huhuhuhu

daniel 7:05 PM  

Hai Didi, do you know? I tricked four ppl today, and all four kena tricked. It's fun to play pranks on others. Haha.

Dav DiDi 7:33 AM  

Hi Daniel,

Lucky I didn't know who you are..else, i will surely kena your trapped too..kekeke

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