A Girl's Behaviour

Hhmmm, suddenly feels like writing about this. It is just my personal point of view and I guess, it's quite true and funny. What I mean? Let me elaborate. What is a girl's behavious when they are single or attached? Here it goes...

1. If a girl is single and available, and is seeking for Mr. Right
- Normally when a girl are searching for Mr. Right, they would mix around and actively search for friends, girl or boy. Answers for any outing invitation would probably be YES. Internet might be their half of their soul and YM, MSN, ICQ, MIRC, etc etc is the solution in free time..When they are alone, they would day dreaming of when would the right guy shows up.

2. If a girl is single and available, but not seeking for Mr. Right
- Hhmm, I guess, perhaps, we won't mix around and outing activity is lesser. We rather sit at home, watching tv or enjoying ourselves listening to music. Even if online, chatting might not be the priority but still we chat with only those that we really know in person. Maybe, guy would say we are "sombong". Hahahaha ...

3. If a girl is attached, but Unhappy With the Partner
- Although attached, but half of the girl's heart might get drifted to know more guys. Perhaps, this can also consider as the girl is opening her choice for other better guy. Other guy that tends to court girls with bf might get treated as 'spare' tyre. Errrmmm, true?

4. If a girl is attached and Happy with the partner
- Well, it would looks like as if the world is perfect. Perhaps, less chatting or online time or talking with guys and would also treat other guy just like a friend. Sometimes, girls would also forgotten or had no time for friends as all the time are with the partner. Hehehe ...

Enjoy ........


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