Healthy Food vs Unhealthy Food

Yesterday, after coming back from shopping, while relaxing, I watched ntv7. Not sure what is the movies about but it talks about healthy lifestyle. As I am very tired, so I just watched it since I'm pretty lazy to change to other channel.

It mentions that in 1990's most of the obesity cases in children happens on children age 9 to 15. Most of them gained weight on eating junk food and eventually skipped the necessity of healthy food. In 2000's, the cases of obesity among children increased more than 20% and the age of kids having obesity problem decrease to children age 5 years old.. Wahhh!!! So bad!

Although government has banned the selling of junk food in school canteen, however there are a lot of small buyers taking this opportunity to sell food outside the school compound. This really gives a bad impact on kids this days. Junk food that are mostly sold are 20 cents ice cream, drinks, keropok, fried food, and many more. When I watched the seller, it cames to my mind about a small 'penjaja' outside my school compound during school time. Most of these items contains coloring that could lead to dangerous disease such as cancer, ashtma and heart disease. In the research, it mentions that most youngster have the problem of heart disease. There are some youngster that collapse due to heart failure and pass out without any sign.

Lately, cases of children getting ashtma and heart disease had increased too. I bet one of the contribution is due to these junk food that are sold anywhere and are able to get from as low as 20 cent per pack. Other fried food such as 'pisang goreng', french fries are also dangerous to our health. This would lead to obesity and heart disease. When I'm watching this, I am actually eating my evening snack (pisang goreng). It strikes me as lately, I have been craving for "sukun" and pisang goreng. Errrmmmm....

There are also some guidelines to help us in getting a healthier lifestyle. This does not imply on kids alone but to big fella like us:
- Gives limited amount of pocket money for kids during school time
- Cooked at home and encourage kids and youngster to bring food from home
- Educated children about the bad impact of the foods to them
- Report to the correct channel when there is anyone selling those junk food outside school compound
- Never encourage your kids to buy food from roadside. They might be cheaper but is extremely dirty and not healthy.
- Check on the labels behind the packets each time picking up some grocerries. Branded food doesn't mean it is healthy. Check on the level of sodium. Sodium is very bad for health and could lead to many other dangerous disease. Also, do not buy any food which contains MSG (not sure what is this but when I heard about MSG, it reminds me only on Musang.. Hahahaha)
-Encourage your kids to eat more vege and fruits.

Hhmmm, so everyone out there, let's practice a healthy lifestyle and say NO to junk food. Errrmmm, I think I should stop eating junk food, especially those with coloring.... This morning, I tell my bf not to order kolo mee with 'red'. Reason is because we never know what is the content of the 'red' sauce in the mee. Is it really 'cha sio' or is it coloring only?

So everyone there... Live a healthy lifestyle for your own goods and future. Say no to junk food.


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