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Home Cook Breakfast & Lunch

Last week, out of the blues and boredness, me and bf plan to make some homecook breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast is cooked by him (of course since I'm too lazy to get up early). We went to buy the Lee Fah Mee that cost RM1.20 + canned food which is about RM3 and sardin, RM3. Hahaha, I think this is the most expensive breakfast, but since it is for two people, I guess, the price is ok. Kekeke ....

As for lunch, well, it is basically my own lunch since he didn't eat salad as lunch. I mix all the vege that I found in my fridge plus with some hotdogs. I'm using the normal salad cream as I'm too lazy to buy yogurt salad. Well, as I'm thinking of losing weight, I guess eating vege is better than eating Bak Kut Teh or chicken rice. Kekekekeke .. Looks yummy although I just mix everything that I saw. Hahaha...



I'm having my salad today too. Today, I only mix two items: Carrot and cabbage since my sweet corn are finished without I realizing it......

2 tell DD:

Rose 2:13 PM  

Didi, you know what! That is very interesting and time saving meal! I would definitely go for those food if I were single and not having a big eater like my hubby when preparing meals! hahahaha!

Dav DiDi 2:44 PM  

Hi Rose ...

Hehehe, well the lunch, he didnt eat much .. and ordered cantonese mee as well ...

Today I ate that too .. but I wrongly estimated my quantity of salad cream :( .. to little :(

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