How to Kick SMOKING Habit

While checking on my Friendster, I found this bulletin is rather interesting ..

  • SELF-DETERMINATION is the first step to kick smoking habit
  • Occupy yourself with beneficial activities such as make urself busy with works. Eg washing dishes, gardening, washing your cars, play with your pets, etc …
  • Try to go places where SMOKING IS PROHIBITED such as indoor restaurant, shopping malls, bookstores and NON-SMOKING zones
  • Substitute your itchy mouth with candies, NICOTINE or CHEWING GUMS
  • Go shopping, check out the latest trend on your favorite fashions
  • Play some rigorous and vigorous SPORTS activities like marathon cycling, badminton, soccer, basketball, mount trekking/hiking, swimming, gym workout and so on
  • Consult any medical advisors on your health conditions
  • Get information on nutrition food and drinks
Committing yourself with a new habit/hobby will allow you to gradually kick the bad smoking habit. Everythg you do counts as time goes by, you will find yourself gradually FREE from your smoking craving. QUIT SMOKING & LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE

** Good luck ..!!


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