Is Daisy a Half Breed Rottweiler?

Some of my friends and relatives say that I have "Lang Kou" (mandarin) but I'm not sure whether Daisy is really a half breed rottweiler. According to the place where I got her, they says she is half breed of rottweiler. So, taking some photos of Daisy and some sample rottweiler picture via google, I put a comparison here.. Does she have the rottweiler face?

My own opinion is that Daisy's paw quite big if compare to normal local puppy's paw. Also, the color on her body do looks like rottweiler. There are no other mixing of colors. Only brown and black. The brown color are very rare to be found in normal local dogs. Also, the '4 eye' looks like rottweiler.

Other than that, she looks like a normal local dog with her long nose and long leg. Hhmmm, .....



Thought I would pay you a visit.

All I know is, Daisy looks a lovely dog to me. Nice name too.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi .. !!

Thanks for visiting my blog ... Yeah, but she doesn't like to be called Daisy ... prefer the name PoohPooh
awwww daisy is just too cute!

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