Little Daisy is Bigger Now

Last Sunday, after few hard time of trying to measure Daisy, finally, i manage to measure how long she is. After a week of observation, Daisy grew 1 inch. She is extremely naughty and a big eater too.

Her favourite toys are a dolls that would make a squeeze sound when she shake it. The dolls now crippled with the right ear and tail. My dad just sew back the 'wound' on the neck of the dolls. Other than that, she is pretty much attractive to steel. The other day, my dad was trying to make a 'papan' to put in front of the gate so that she won't be able to jump out. Well, my dad put a plyer to make the stuff. When he remembers that he had forgotten to take hammer, he went to the back to take. Little Daisy is helping too .. By biting the plyer. When my dad came, she brings the plyer and quickly run to hid it. Any items of steel in my home will be her target. There is one steel chair in my house which are scratch by her teeth. Oh ya, not forgetting shoes and sandal. Suprisingly, she is only interested with the right side of the shoes or sandals.

After few weeks at home, she had learn how to pull and push the room door. Huhuhu .. This would means that each time we goes out, she would open the door and sleep on my dad's bed. Hahahaha.... Also, she knows where she suppose to pee. Although her aiming is not good, but she knows that she can only pee and ek ek at a place with newspaper. Also, she knows the command 'sit'. Hehehe....

She likes to play biting too. One of her strategy, I name it internal attack. When she plays with my bf, she likes to launch her strategy of internal attack. Each time my bf came, she hides under the sofa, waiting for my bf to sit on the sofa. And when my bf didn't realize it, she would come out slowly and bite his legs. Hahahaha... Well, not really bite until bleeding but just bite for fun.

Hehehehe.. Sorry, no picture.. Haven't charge my camera battery yet...


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