Magic Mirror, Please Tell Me Where is My Umbrella

Hhmmmppfffff, when I got back to office from lunch, I realize that my umbrella is not in my car. Huhuhuhuhu ..

Don't even know where it is, or when I take out from the car or when is the lastime I used it. All this while, I thought my umbrella is in my car .. Even my bf also thinks that the umbrella is in the car.

So we end up running from parking into the office building ...

HELP!! Mirror, mirror in the world, please tell me where is the umbrella... Don't want to spend money buy another umbrella... I bought a lot and all gone don't know where.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .. SOB SOB SOB ...


Rose said…
huh? how can u lost your umbrellas? maybe some one took it out from your car with you knowing? Poor gal! Running in the rain!
rebeena said…
Laaa, got newspaper and plastic ma...hehehehe..
Dav DiDi said…
Rebeena, dun have newspaper wor ... plastic tat enough to cover my hair nia . hahaha ..

Rose, not sure .. cant even remember when the umbrella isn't there anymore :( huhuhuhu ..

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