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Yesterday, after cleaning the house, I watched the movie "The Enchanted". It is a half animated movies. A girl from a fantasy world called Andalasia had been cursed to enter the world of human. As a happy and positive girl, she makes different in everyone's eye. Just like a naive girl, she touches the heart of a guy. Really love the movies and the song there is very sweet. Plan to watch it again when I have time. My brother's DVD isn't very good so I guess I will buy one soon.

Then, in the afternoon, I went for a movie with bf. 10,000 BC. From the title, I thought it is a war movie like Cleopatra, etc, etc. But it's not. It is about a girl Evolet that are rescued and has a destiny with a hero yet to be known. It is a nice and quite humor movie actually. Once of the scene where D'leh fall into a deep hole with a tiger, which they call Spear Tooth. Releasing the tiger, he tell him not to eat him once he is free. Hahaha.. I find it quite humorous somehow.

While in the cinema, they showed some scene of the movies. So, I guess, I will get myself to watched some of this movies:
1. Ah Long Pte Ltd
2. RedLine
3. Water Horse (coming soon, 27th Mar)

Alamak!! Again, I'm hookup to movies again. Gosh...


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