My Horoscope for Today

(From Friendster)
Get bolder, when it comes to your goals. If you err on the side of 'brash,' you will transform your ambition from its current, 90-pound-weakling state to a healthy, strong, muscle-bound jock of an emotion. Explore things that intimidate you. The sports, careers, books, journeys and projects that scare you just a little bit are surely the next ones for you to tackle! If you need a kick in the pants to get you going, consult an older relative. They want you to succeed, and can help you.

Hhmmm... my horoscope today ask me to bolder with my goals. Well, I have a lot of goals and things that I wants to achieve but $ is in concern wor.. I think the horoscope for today is quite meaningful

Yeah, as in careers, I hope I can complete my project fast so that my things would get more systematic and less time consuming. After few years in torture under obi's hard to maintain system, I slowly get myself out of the system and develop a new one. But this has been on going since last year. The whole thing is not as easy as what I thought it would be.

In my goals, I have a lot of things that I want to achieve but $ is in concern...
To study master. Well, 50% of me wants to get a master while the other half are scared of the midnight oil that I use to do during uni time. Staying late until 7am, sleep until 12pm, go to uni, and the routines repeats again for weeks, at least for 1 month. Exam, assignment, study, etc .. All this are the other half that makes me think again on whether or not to get master. And the cost for master is quite expensive too. If I decide to get a master, then my other goals have to be postponed.
Investment. Plan that in 3 years time, I would be able to invest in buying a house. If I get master, this need to be postponed. Yet, the goals of investment is higher than master study.
Sponsor my dad travelling. Recently, my dad was talking about going to China to travel. I know that he wants to go travel and always mentioning about it. One of my future goals is to sponsor or perhaps bring him for travelling once a half year or at least once a year. Again, if travelling too much, I have to postponed on (2).
Myself. Hehehe, this is definitely need to be on track. Straightening my hair and highlighting them (in Jul) since my hair is like broomstick and straightening now is a bad idea. Then, slimming down and my target lefts 2.1 KG.
Debts. Well, this is also a definite target I must settle before I made any investment. Credit cards, car loans and my PTPTN.

HHmmmm .. my goal now is .. this evening, jogging.. hahaha...



What star sign are you I wonder?

I'm a Scorpio, and I think I might look my horoscope up to see what kind of day I am having!

How was the jogging?
Dav DiDi said…
Hi ..

I'm virgo .. hehehe ...

Yeah, I like jogging.. I think I have found another new exercise activity other than aerobics .. just that, a lot of people jog .. its not so enjoyable like aerobics ..

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