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Why am I writting about this? Well, while chatting with one of my chat mate, one of the topics that we talk is about scandal. Some people (guys) are really so irresponsible and stupid. What would make them thing of having another sex partner or should I say a one night stand? As for the prostitute or the supplier, how could they sell their dignity just to satisfy the hunger of some irresponsible man?

Let me talked about the customer of this. Did they know the risk they are taking by having sex with some unknown girls? Not to mention about the 'penyakit kelamin' but also the major risk of AIDS. Or did they ignore simply because they are too 'hungry'? There are plenty of girl out there that offer the service of sex and some guy never hesitate to reject but just taking it for granted. I really wonder what makes them so irresponsible. Not only that they are being irresponsible on their own life and health, but also towards their partner and family. What if the prostitute are AIDS positive and because of this, the wife too gets the disease. Being innocently unharm, the wife gets the deadly disease and would suffer until the end of her life. Did any of the guys think about this?

When I'm still with my ex couple years ago, I learnt too that his brother, who is with wife and 2 kids are having fun outside with some Indonesian prostitute. Not only that the wife knew, but the wife keep giving him chances to realize his mistake and returns to her. His brother even abandon the wife for weeks just to have fun with the prostitute. When the wife is giving birth in the hospital, not only that the husband did not turn up but is still asking for the wife to give him money. When my ex telling me that time, I was like "What the hack is wrong with the girl!". Well, the only reason is that the wife loves him too much to let go. Anyway, to cut the story short, the wife's parent knew about the suffer that their little daughter gets and decides to take her back and force her to signed her divorce letter. My ex, at that time, still thinking of asking for the in laws to let the bro's wife to come back and stays with them. For me, of course, I object and I feels that the wife would have a better and loving life with her own parents. And of course, not only that he get scolded by the in laws family but was thrown out of the house. The girl's mother even bring a broom stick to chase him out. For the stupidity of one guy, all parties suffer. The most that suffers are his own 2 sons. As the girl's parent disown them as their grandson with the reason that they would grow up like their father, the kids (around 10 yrs old) are thrown to their father's family. Not only that they lost the love of their mother, they also lost the love of their father as the father never returns and living in lust in the hugs of the prostitute.

Why is some guys are so irresponsible?

OK, let me talked about the prostitute. What makes a girl ever think about selling their body and dignity and soul just for the sake of some dirty money??? I still remember that once I use a public toilet. In the door, written a girl's hp and name for the service of sex. We did try to call to check the accuracy of the 'advertisement'. Indeed, the girl stated her price of RM35 for one time. What the hack??!! Is her soul only worth up to RM35??!!! This kind of girl better go to H*LL.. God gives us life and soul not for us to sell them or to misuse them. From another sources, some gal offer RM60-75 for one hour and RM300 for one night. Why is it that there is such thing as discount for selling a person's body?? No matter what the reason is, a girl should not sell their body for money!! There are plenty of work out there: waitress, 'cuci pinggan' or whatsoever. Why choose to sell ur own dignity away? Or are they too full with lust that they don't mind to do it with anyone while enjoying the pleasure for a second? I watched one kisah benar in tv and it mention that some gal sell themselves to have fun and pleasure. Most of these stupid girl are mainly teenagers. Some is doing these to support the family. Did they ever think about their future and what would people see them as?

When I'm in Miri, my friend ever show us the hot spot for prostitute to stand, waiting for services. Indeed they are there and will not hesitate to open the door of your car, even if without your permission. What makes these prostitue so frustrated and selling for some money? It's not like it is RM1K or 2K, it's RM35 or RM60!!!!

For those who are reading this, if you are the regular customer to buy prostitute, please take some time and think about your future and your own life. Indeed there are protection items such as condoms but is it really secure? Think about your wife, waiting patiently and with love for you to come home. If you still thinks that one night stand is healthy, I pray that you will get the worst out of the worst for your next life before your last breath! (haha, spicy or not???)

For those who are the supplier, think about your future and what your future husband would says when they know you once ever sell your body for the money which is not that much? Why are you destroying your own life for the sake of pleasure and money?

And for those that are thinking of becoming a supplier or customer, YOU BETTER DON'T THINK!!! Better get your butt and help out in SSPCA than destroying your own life and trust of your loves one!!!

Phewwww !!!


rebeena said…
Every thing have the reason behind it. Plenty of reason. Buyer and Seller see thing in short term and not in long term. As long as there is Some1 sell sure got some1 buy.

If really want go find prostitute, find those got lisence or weekly go checkup kind...dnt go for roadside de la...*tis is my opinion, not bcoz i agree but juz another alternative..

Want to play, pls play safe. NOT PLAY SAVE

Tis is live, both party muz responsible for it, either husband or wife, bf or gf, friend to friend, buyer and seller...heheheh..

Condom are 99.99% safe, but the 0.01% not save is coz the user dunno how to use it, so problem will come lo...virus come, life come...hehehe...
Dav DiDi said…
Agree .. hehehehehe..

In other countries such as New Zealand, they actually have rules where foreign student must undergo medical checkup regularly. They will be given a card that shows the health status.

I think M'sia should have this also..

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