What I Do Today

Hhmmm, let me start from early in the morning .. Around 1am - 2am, I heard some scratching and crying sound outside that makes me awake and can't sleep after that. I know who make those sounds. So I got up, went to washroom. Daisy follow me to the toilet then later go back and sit in front of my room door.

As she looks so pity, so I bring her in to sleep with me again. She sleep like a pig and even kicked me few times. I think that is because of nightmare. I can hear her grumping and making hhmmpppfff sound. When I gets tired, I try to pull my hand away and sleep on the other side, giving space for myself. Little Daisy just hard to pushed away. She is taking my hand as a pillow of hers.. Huh!

Then, I wake up but didn't see her by my side. I think while I'm asleep, my dad bring her to accompany him in his room. Whahahaha ... !!

Then this morning, waking up super early as AGAIN Daisy is making a lot of playful sound outside. So, I get ready and go to work. Ate 1 hot dog, 1 kueh (not nice at all) and 1 boiled egg. Hehehe... Then, my next activity of the day is working and blogging....

11.30am I went out... Well, not lunch just went out for jalan-jalan as I'm accompanying my bf fasting. Yeah, he need to fast today as he got medical check up at 2pm. Hehehe ....

And now, I'm sitting in front of my PC, blogging again...Rose, will answer your tag when I found any red shirts ya!



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