Bad Dreams - Disastrous Accident

I had a very weird and bad dreams yesterday. Not sure if it was a sign or am I just not having a good sleep. Well, here it goes..

I dreamnt that I am in a building "The Spring". Well, I was in a supermarket but it's not Ta Kiong instead is Ngiukee (since when did Ngiukee get into The Spring??). I'm in the potatoes, onion and all those dried food section. Actually only that section belongs to Ngiukee. Then I walked out from that section passing through Ta Kiong and come out.

I was pretty late that time (around 7pm) but the sky is as clear as the day. Well, I told my bf that we should get home now as we need to work tomorrow. So, I went outside The Spring using the escalator. I don't know why but I parked quite far from The Spring. It is somewhere near to the post office in Kenyalang. Another car parked in front of me. For a second I thought my car is gone but when I look clearly, it is there.

So starts my engine and I saw one suspicious man coming towards my car. Scared and worry, I went straight and drive quite fast. The things gets scary and weird on my way home.......

As I drive, I saw something in the middle of the road. Scaring people chasing me behind, i speed up and almost crash to that 'thing'. When my car get nearer I was shocked and luckily manage to escape from running through it! It was a human's head!!!!! A guy in this 20s had involved in an accident and his head came off from his body.. Urrgghhh!!!!!

I manage to escape from running over it by turning my steering to my right side. But the dream doesn't end here.. His hand are scattered on the right path. Arrgghh, again I drive to the left to escape from running over it. Then I drive passes his body, leg and usus. Blood are everywhere and I remember his 'usus' almost thrown to my car!! Huhuhu ...

Luckily, my little puppy scratch my room door and I woke up...

I told the story to bf and he says that's what happen when I sleep without washing my feet. Huhuhu, no sympathy......


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