Dogs - Most Loyal Companion

I get this article from TheStar and wish to share it to everyone, proving that Dog is Man Best Friends!

Dog saves woman from watery death

SEREMBAN: A dog seeing that its elderly owner was in danger of drowning, when flash floods struck Kampung Ulu Temiang yesterday, did the only thing it could do. It didn't stop barking until help came along.

The woman, who suffers from chronic asthma, was on the verge of drowning in her wooden house, as flood waters kept rising steadily, but her loyal pet refused to leave her side.

However, most of her neighbours had left their half-submerged houses to seek shelter from the floods, resulting from a two-hour downpour which began at 2.30pm, and did not hear the canine's frantic call for help.

The dog's desperate barking eventually alerted a team of fire and rescue personnel, who aided by some neighbours, went to the house and found the woman, in her 60s, shivering and helpless, barely able to keep her head above the rising water level.

Bernama learnt that it was only when the firemen rescued the woman that her faithful dog left her side and swam to safety, proving that dogs are indeed man’s, or in this case, a woman’s best friend.


Rose said…
Thank god the dog and owner were ok! Dog is more reliable than human sometimes
Dav DiDi said…
Agree ... dog will never betray us if we treat them good .. unlike human ..

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