Sushi King RM2 Promotion

Not sure what strikes me yesterday as all of a sudden, I was thinking of sushi again. Since it is the last day of the RM2 promotion in sushi king, it makes my desire of going even more deeper. Well, yeah, I went there last Monday but it won't do any harm for me to go again, right?

Right after work @5.30pm, I rush to Boulevard for Sushi King. Indeed that Sushi King @The Spring is nearer to my workplace (or looks nearer), but not in a chance I would go to sushi king there. Why? Well, I have a lot of reason..

1. Because the service there is bad
2. Because the food there taste bad and not as nice as the one in Boulevard
3. Because bad service = lost of appetite
4. Because bad food = lost of appetite..

Hehehe, not sure if any of you realize it but Sushi King at Boulevards offers a better service, friendly and the food is much better and fresh too..

OK, enough crap.. So I reached there around 6pm. In order to save time, I parked my car at level 2 without turning one round at level 1. When I got to level 2, I was like "ALAMAK, I'm the one here.. ". Well, since I've reached level 2, might as well just parked here. Trust me, I had my fun of driving the car anywhere, anyhow without laws & rules down there.. Hehehehe.. I can't even differentiate parking lanes and roads as the place is so empty!

Aiks, talking crap again.. OK, so we got there, and rush to Sushi King, hoping that it won't be a lot of people. In my head at that time are "EEL EEL EEL EEL EEL" or the name are "UNAGI". My colleague went there for lunch at unagi is pretty limited.

When I saw Sushi King, the queue is reaching Manhattan Fish Head already. A gal, holding a menu from Ipoh Town is walking around showing the food menu. One of the question in my head is "Shall we queue up as well?". BF say since we are here, just queue up. So, he queued up and I went for washroom. When I got out from the washroom, one of the worker gives us a paper for the sushi king order & asked for membership card. They are so efficient!!!

About 15 mins later, it reaches our turn. The service is really nice and they makes me happy with their friendly smile and greetings. As the place is packed, so we have to share a table with another sweet old couple. Hehehe...

The first thing in my head is "Grab EEL". Guess what, there are unagi everywhere!!!! BF grab one, and I grab one too!! Yum Yum...

Total bills are Rm25.30 include all those tax .. If it wasn't RM2 per plate, the price would be RM50++!!!! .. Hahahaha.....


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