Why Should We Contribute to SSPCA?

Well, most of you would ask what is SSPCA. For those that are following my posting you would know it is a society association. Just, what society is that? SSPCA means Sarawak Society of Prevention of Cruelty on Animal.

As I am still not gotten over my grief and frustration on paying income tax, I tried to digged out all the receipt that I have in my car or my room. I found this receipt that I got when I went to SSPCA to get Daisy the other day. The receipt shows:

"All gift of money to SSPCA are allowable to claim Income Tax"

One of the reason are already stated in the receipt. Here are more reasons:
1. Can claim tax by donating any kind of gift of money. (I'll elaborate more)
2. You are doing charity and giving the animals another chance to live.
3. To help and controlled animals (dogs and cats) that are stranded without master on our city.

Three reason, is it enough for us?

OK, what I mean by "Can Claim Tax by donating any kind of gift of money"???? Well, hope I don't intepret this wrongly but since it is written "any kind of gift of money", I pressume that this would includes getting a membership in SSPCA is consider as one kind of gift of money to SSPCA as well. Am I correct?

Last month, I have adopted one little puppy of mix breed from SSPCA. Previously, I adopt as I misses my past dog very much and would really wants a dog. As I am haunted with the feeling of paying income tax, I tried to digged out any receipt that I can use to claim income tax. I found this 3 receipt from SSPCA. I paid them for the membership (RM25), neuter (RM20) and adoption fee (RM50). Total are RM95. As it is written "Any gift of money are tax deductable", this means, membership fee, neuter fee, adoption fee is also "ANY GIFT" of money.

So, if this is correct, by adopting pets from SSPCA, we can really save up and lessen the amount of tax that we are to pay!

Hhmmm...other opinion?


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