A Day @Stampark - Swimming

Last Saturday, as the sky is so blue without the heat of the sun or the coldness from the rain, it urge me to go for some swimming. Been hunger for swimming for quite some times, I decided to go for a little swimming at 12 noon. Hahaha!

The sky is quite clear and there it is not hot at all. The entrance fee is RM5.50 per person with one free 100 plus. Hhmmm, I guess the reason of the 100 plus is for us to feel our energy after having burning some calories in the water?? Bluekkk..

When I reach there, there are two other swimmers and a family with 3 kids. I take the middle side of the pool and not dare to go deeper into the other sides. The water is nice and I really enjoyed swimming since the lastime I went is, ermm, maybe before CNY (very long time leh!!)....

OK. First thing is to collect the extreme expensive 100+ from the counter. Then sitting there, taking off my pants and shirts. Hahaha.. Of course I have my swimsuit inside!!! Hehehe, then went for some rounds of swimming, coming up for drink and go down again for some swimming. Hehehe....

I bring my bodyguard (hehehe) with me to secure my belongings. Hehehe.. RM5.50 is already quite expensive for me and if I am to rent the locker, it wouldn't be worth it at all (rather go aerobics if that's the case).

After few rounds of swimming, the pool is interrupted by 4 youngster with their loud and egoist voice. I really feel annoyed with their presence. First, they are not wearing any proper swimming clothing. Second, they are noisy and rude. Third, they are kids and being a kids, they acted so proud of themselves and showing off. The security guard saw them and ask them to come out from the pool and rent the swimming trunk. Serve them right. BUT they are so ego and rude when talking to the security guard.

Security: "Please come out from there. You are not wearing proper swim wear. Come to the counter to rent it"
Boy 1: "Trouser oso can. Why need to change?"

Security: "This is the rules"
Boy 2: "Free?"
Security: "RM3 each"
Boy 1: "So expensive. Entrance pay, renting pay. All pay"

Boy 2: "Pay then pay lor. I am loaded today. Let's go get the thing." (laughing and kicking the water).

Boy 3: "Pokai I come here swimming"

Boy 4: "Come here play water. I got money bah"

As a kid, what is so proud about having some pocket money? Pity on their parents that earning money and let the kids to have some fun. Not only that they cherish it but answering a security by showing off that they are loaded? If one day, my kids acted this way, I'm going to make them work for the money and not even letting them have any penny at all. These boys need to be spank! Hhmmppffff.... I wonder who are they trying to please or show off. If they are trying to caught my attention, they are totally dumb and foolish.

After completing another round of swimming, I got up and left the pool. Ain't want to swim witho 4 big stomach monkeys.

Lastly, I took the picture of my leg ...Hahaha, one side blue, one side green ...


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