Money Never Enough

When I wake up this morning, I realize that money is always not enough for us. This month, when I think about what I need to pay and spend, I was shot when I realize that I might not be able to save much this month. Huhuhuhu...

With Father's Day in June-08 and weddings and my dog expenses, not sure if I can really save up. Here is my estimation for this month budget:

Car loan - RM500
Give my dad - RM200
Credit Card - RM200
My Dog Injection & Neuter Fee - RM180
Streamyx (share) - RM30
Phone Bill - RM40
Wedding ang pau - RM50
Father's Day - RM200
Petrol - RM150

Total = RM1,650

Wahhh!!!!! Alamak, so much. Huhuhuhu... Help me !!! I hope I didn't miss out anything ..........


henry said…
Miss one thing.....shoppng fr a new bag......
RaiNboW said…
haha.. didi, the total is RM1850 lah..

and dun forget shopping and groceries.
Dav DiDi said…
Huhuhuhu ..... so much expense .. huhuhuhu .... I think no shopping this month?? sob sob sob ...

Groceries .. huhu, my dad keep giving me list of items to buy ... tooth paste, soap, ... and my hair cream is finishing too ...

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