Myth & Ghost - True?

While talking to a colleague here about ghost, I talk about my encounter with this myth or what we call as the lost soul. How true this is, I'm not sure but I do believe that there are soul that linger around the third 'space'. When I'm young, my bible teacher had told me that there are three types of world. One is where we live (earth), then the middle are the lost soul and then heaven. When think about it, I guess all sort of ghost that we usually see is actually the lost soul. Let me share some stories here ...Believe or not .. it's up to you but take this advice. Where ever you are, follow your instinct.

Myth 1 ~ Never Look Back
While I am driving back from office, I suddenly felt the urge of driving faster and not to cross to the right side of faster driving land. Not sure why, but I usually stick to what I felt. After a distance, I looked back and was shock to see a white feature of a lady, walking at the right land while taking something on the road. Then, going to my side mirror, I try to have a better view. But the view is gone ...

Myth 2 ~ Never Jog After Rain
Last year, as I am trying to have different types of exercising, my friend suggested that we went for a jog. It was raining that afternoon but when we got there, the rain stops. My friend was excited about going jogging in the woods while I was feeling a little bit numb. In the woods, I heard some noices of leaves but no one there. When I saw something flying in the woods, I began to feel worst. Cold sweat coming out from my body & fasten my steps to get out of the woods without telling my friend about it.

Myth 3 ~ Never Do Things When Your Heart Say No
This happen in a tour at a temple. As my parents eager to visit temples, I follow them. At first, I thought of staying in the bus as I don't feel like going into the temple. However, as I'm just a kid that time, my parents make me to follow them into the temple. When I return back to my hotel, I fell sick and vomiting.

Myth 4 ~ Never Stay Alone
Few years back, I went travelling with my friend. We stay in a budgeted hotel near to the town. As they are going out to buy some supper, I stayed behind to keep guard of the belonging, fearing that some thief or bad people would come in and steal them. But instead, there are pretty much noises coming from the toilet. Flushing of toilet and slow movement of the toilet door. Trying to calm myself but failed. So, with a quick move, I run out of the room and wait for my friend right outside the hotel room.

Myth 5 ~ Early Sign
It happens when I'm still in uni. I had a very strange dream regarding my mom. She tells me to study hard and I will pass it. I woke up with a strange feeling. I can actually feel the presence of my mom right beside my bed. At first I was terrified. But then, soon, I know what is it all about. Two weeks later, my dad called me up, asking me to come back as mom is in critical moment.

Myth 6 ~ The Dark Zone
Sometimes, I would drive my bf back home. Before reaching his house, there is this lorong, which is extremely dark. Each time I passes through the road, I would always feel uneasy. I'll always make sure that the car window is up. Reason for this is that I do not want any unwanted 'thing' get into my car. Also, I won't use the back or side mirror whenever I drive that area. My bf doesn't believe and says I am scaring myself. Later after that, he heard stories that some bikers had a terrified moment riding that area when he felt someone touches his shoulder.

This is some of the encounter I had. I'm not sure whether I'm just being sarcastic or not, but I guess that there will always be things that we can't see around us. Anyway, we cannot be afraid. Once we get scare, the bad soul would be able to enter us. Most of the time when I felt 'tergoda', I would simply say the Our Father prayers. It works. Trust me!!


levian said…
i believe they exist. in fact, i believe all mystical creatures, such as vampires n werewolves exist !! hehe. but again, i'm one of those who believes in fairy tales. ;)
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Levian,

Hehehe ... well , I too believes in mystical creatures ...

Bet you are a fan of narnia too !!! Hehehe .... I've been talking about Narnia since 2 wks ago ...

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