Pooh-Pooh : The Little One

Yesterday, while playing with my puppy, I realize that she is getting bigger and taller. Errrrmm, I think taller would represent her more. Somehow, her head is still very small. I guess her body is developed to looks like a rottweiller while the head is our M'sia local dogs size. Imagine that. I often call her wolf as her face really looks as pretending as a wolf. Hahahaha ...

When I bring her to doctor for her booster injection, she terrified. Hanging on to me with her tail down and even the ear is down, she keep looking at me, asking for protection. I was really 'kek tiok' because if she is at home, my house would hit a tornado where she is the one that is spinning my whole house.

She is a smart and naughty. She learn something by looking at what I do. Some of the trick that she learnt is to pull open the mosquitoes netting door that covers all the room. At first, she learn to open my dad's room's netting door. That is easy as I could see there is some small gap in which she could put her nail into it and pull the door.

Then, early this month, she learnt to open my door. Hhmmppfff, coming back from dinner, my room door was open. Most of you might be wondering what she do inside my room. Well, my room is gal's room. Definitely, there are a lot of dolls in my rooms. Dolls, pillows, tissue paper ..... First, she will search for tissue paper. Then, she will disturb all my dolls. When she felt tired, she sleeps on my bed, on top of my pillows. Hhmmppffffff....

In order to forbid her from entering the room, my dad put a trick on the door so that each time she tries to pull it, the door would open then automatically close back. At first, this trick works. But she learn to overcome this. When the door is opened, quickly using another leg or her head, she would stuck it into the door to prevent it from swinging back. Aduiiiii ..... So naughty! In a minute, I would say she is more like a male puppy than a female puppy!!

Here is her picture when she is tired.. sleeping in my bf's arm ..... She owe me one roll of toilet paper!!!!


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