Revelation Day

As I watched news last night, suddenly I felt some feelings that the revelation day is getting nearer. All that happens in the world spoken and written in the Revelation Chapter. Indeed, what will happen, will happens, sooner or later. When I'm in secondary, I couldn't understand all that my teacher told us about the revelation chapter. In my head, I have a lot of "why", "when", "where" and "what". Now, I began to understand.

As a teenager of age 15, I didn't know the meaning of the preaching given by my teacher. She once told all us that, when the day is getting nearer, we, the sons and daughters of His will be in save hand. At that time, I was wondering is it only me in save hands or all of us? And if it is so, how can we all avoids the disaster written in the chapter?

Now I began to understand more and more. One of the sign of revelation day are natural disaster. I am thankful that I am in save land without and harm do to me. Thanks to Him who let me know the meaning that has been bothering me for years.

When all His people returns to their land, that would be another sign that the day is near. However, another power has tried to chase his people away from the land. I am thankful that I am here and to understand what He meant by His people returning to His land.

With so many misunderstanding around us, there are a lots of arguments and judgements all around us from different sources. Is this marks another war is soon to come? As spoken and written that the third massive destruction would also marks the coming of Him.

From all that happens around us, why is it that we still have hatred and anger towards each other? Isn't that we should all be prepare to welcome His coming again?

After I have watched the news, I began to understand and to trust that the day is near. I don't know why but I felt that I have so much to adjust in myself in preparing of welcoming Him. Or am I just being naive? Whatever the reason is, all should change for good, right?


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