Father's Day Celebration

Yesterday marks a year has passed since the lastime we all celebrated Father's Day. Thinking back of what our parents has sacrifice for us, not every parents is as good as our own parents.

I still remember when my dad use to pick me up from school each time after school. How my dad wakes up early in the morning just to send me to school. I still remember how furious he is when I joined Hockey club and bringing home one hockey stick. Well, I'm a girl. For him, hockey is not a game for girl.

When in Universities, I use to be extremely stingy (that's what my dad call me) with my money and expenses. With RM400, I can survive the whole month (Rental = Rm160, Electricity & Water bill = RM10, food, etc). There is one time during my 1 week semester break before exam, I stayed at home studying. As I'm lazy + no car, therefore, I prefer to eat at home and cooked. I have only RM7 with me at that moment. My dad was so furious and worried when each time he asked me how much I have, I told him RM7 and yet lazy to withdraw money. Well, since he has less patient that me, he sent RM50 using post so that I have some money to use. HAHAHAHA!!!!

That's my dad. Always worrying, always thinking and always nagging. Hhhmmmm, well, I guess he is such a nagger is also because of having a daughter like me. Hehehe...

So, yesterday, I bring him to have a nice breakfast + dinner. After church, we ate our breakfast in coffeeshop in Kenyalang. We order hand made mee. Total breakfast cost RM11++. That is nothing.

On dinner, as I forgot to withdraw money (I always forgot), therefore, I suggested that we had dinner in BDC Seafood. My dad ordered:
1. Nestum Prawn
2. Steam Fish
3. Lemon Chicken
4. Tauge with salted fish
5. Shark Fin Soup

The whole dinner cost me RM120!! Huhuhuhu..... Well, I do feel 'pokai' but I guess it's worth it as I can see that he is very happy yesterday. Why? Well, he treat me ice cream after that. Whahahaha!!!! Apart from that, I gave him ang pau as well so that he could fix his car's player (stolen not long ago).


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