Inflation - UP UP UP

Not long ago, all of us are being hit by the petrol crisis. With the increase of 40%, it was a major 'heart' attack to everyone especially those who are in medium and lower level income. Some takes the initiative of using motorbike to work. Indirectly this may lead to higher percentage of road accident. My monthly petrol expenses is RM150. Now, it would be RM200 per month.

Then, before everyone settle down, another stroke hits our mind, that is, rice. In the 'olden' days (few months ago), the rice that I normally buy only cost RM28. Now, the price hits more than RM50! Imagine the impact of this two major attack. Let say my family consume 1 packet of rice per mth. Therefore, rice budget increase to RM55.

Few days after the announcement of the increase for both major items, here comes the electricity increase. Although it doesn't affect us directly, but indirectly, it affect all of us. Those big company producing our daily item would increase the material cost as petrol + electricity had increased. Let say the impact is 10% and we spend RM100 per month for those items. It would cost RM110 now.

Only recently we hear about the increase of another raw material. CHICKEN. In thestar, it stated that the chicken price increase is necessary.

After that, is the house price increase by 30%. Reason of increase is because of the increase of raw materials in the market. Huh! This would means additional of 30% of downpayment for those who wants to buy house.

Also, the amendment of credit card free interest condition.

So, what's next ??

NOW, situation is:
Petrol - UP
Public Transport - UP
Rice - UP
Chicken - UP
Electricity - UP
House - UP

Sounds to me that everything is going up by more than 20% but the only things that will never goes up to 20% increment is our salary.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? How can all of us survive with this kind of situation? Does this sounds fishy to any of us out there???


Rose said…
Didi, dont forget crime increase too! yeah, our salary can never adjust to the current crisis! Sigh!!
Dav DiDi said…

Yaya ... everything increase ..

Do you know there is news about someone's car petrol stolen in stutong here ??? Hahha...petrol crime is also a soon to be trend

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