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Lunch from Home - DD's Chicken Ham Dressing

** I made it from my own creativity and imagination. Main reason for this is to have easy to cook lunch box from home.

This I use:
- Carrot (slice)
- Vege (I forgot the vege name)
- Egg (beaten together and fry)
- Chicken Ham
- Some salad dressing (mayonaise / salad cream) for extra taste

How I do:
- Steam everything except for egg.
- Using the vege and 'balut' the whole foody into one junk.

Time to prepare:
- Less than 15 minutes

Here it goes:

7 tell DD:

Cláudia 7:19 PM  

Thank you fou your visit in my babyblog...
Can I ask you how did you found it?

I've already read somethings in your blog and it´s very well written and funny...
How can you forget the vege name?


Visit my kingdom too

The World According To Me 8:37 PM  

Like the look of your lunch!

I've just finished eating my lunch, but someone elses always looks better!

Dav DiDi 8:10 AM  

Hi Claudia,

I usually will visits one or two other blogs from to have idea and to learn what other bloggers write in their blog...

Errmm, I'm always blur that I forgotten a lot of vege name and give it my own name .. in this case, i call it baby cabbage ... hahaha ...

Pink Elephant,
Today , I make sandwich ... gonna post it if I remember to take pictures of it ...

Cláudia 3:32 PM  

It works best with internet explorer, you must have mozzilla...
I have another blog where I make things to sell. It´s attached to the site


I'll be back soon
You never said how did you found us...

Dav DiDi 8:39 AM  

HI ,

I did.. I click on the "Next Blog" on top of my blog and visit random blog .. that's how I bump into yours ...

OH you make things to sell ... gonna check it out later .. how do you make the selling ??

S. Sohma 12:01 PM  

That post who you read in my blog is about the environment and about recicle all kinds of materials because the destruction of the ozone layer is a big problem nowadays and to endanger many kinds of animals...
thanks for you visit in my blog!

Dav DiDi 1:44 PM  

Hi Sohma,

Thanks for visiting .... :)

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