Lunch from Home - DD's Chicken Ham Dressing

** I made it from my own creativity and imagination. Main reason for this is to have easy to cook lunch box from home.

This I use:
- Carrot (slice)
- Vege (I forgot the vege name)
- Egg (beaten together and fry)
- Chicken Ham
- Some salad dressing (mayonaise / salad cream) for extra taste

How I do:
- Steam everything except for egg.
- Using the vege and 'balut' the whole foody into one junk.

Time to prepare:
- Less than 15 minutes

Here it goes:


Cláudia said…
Thank you fou your visit in my babyblog...
Can I ask you how did you found it?

I've already read somethings in your blog and it´s very well written and funny...
How can you forget the vege name?


Visit my kingdom too
Like the look of your lunch!

I've just finished eating my lunch, but someone elses always looks better!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Claudia,

I usually will visits one or two other blogs from to have idea and to learn what other bloggers write in their blog...

Errmm, I'm always blur that I forgotten a lot of vege name and give it my own name .. in this case, i call it baby cabbage ... hahaha ...

Pink Elephant,
Today , I make sandwich ... gonna post it if I remember to take pictures of it ...
Cláudia said…
It works best with internet explorer, you must have mozzilla...
I have another blog where I make things to sell. It´s attached to the site


I'll be back soon
You never said how did you found us...
Dav DiDi said…
HI ,

I did.. I click on the "Next Blog" on top of my blog and visit random blog .. that's how I bump into yours ...

OH you make things to sell ... gonna check it out later .. how do you make the selling ??
S. Sohma said…
That post who you read in my blog is about the environment and about recicle all kinds of materials because the destruction of the ozone layer is a big problem nowadays and to endanger many kinds of animals...
thanks for you visit in my blog!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Sohma,

Thanks for visiting .... :)

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