The Word BOM

This would be a short post.

While I'm doing my work in the office and while chatting with JenJen as my excel is running, suddenly we talk about the words BOM. For some of you, BOM defines the object that can explode and the word BOM is extremely critical especially in places like airports. But for us, BOM is not only referring to BOM.

Confuse? Let me explain. I am a material planner and in my job BOM is extremely important to me. All my word depends on BOM. In this case, the BOM that I'm talking about is Built of Material - BOM.

As the word BOM is extremely critical in airport and this BOM is actual very critical in my job task, imagine this situation.

Let say I'm going for a business trip and had already arrive in airport. As I arrive early, therefore, I decided to complete my BOM task which only left 1 step. Suddenly, I receive an office call. Here is goes:
Me : Hello
Caller : Has the BOM updated?
Me : Some of the BOM is done and ready in place to be launch while some need to check. I will all be ready in 5 minutes
Caller : Those in place are finalized when?
Me : Most of the BOM finalized yesterday and I am bringing the rest of it with me so that I can fix and launch it from here.

EEHHMM!! What will happen to me IF suddenly a police or security overheard my conversation?????


ColourfulWorld said…
Freeze! Throw all your things on the ground! Hands in the air! Turn around slowly!

LOL, very funny indeed... =p
Dav DiDi said…
Hahahahaha .... I think i'll come out in the newspaper toooo :)

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