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Food From Home - Salad and Mee

Well, after the increase of calories and cholesterol, here goes the diet plan....

My breakfast today is not that healthy actually. I bought the small packet of maggie mee (with 100++ cals stated in the packaging). I add in some prawn & cabbage into the mee. Actually I prepare this in the office cafe. Hahaha...

My lunch plan menu is salad once a week. So yesterday, right after my aerobics, I went home to prepare for the dish. Basically it is very simple and easy to make salad and it's nothing to be proud of (hehehe). Well, again, I don't know what is all this vege call. I boiled them and also put some prawn in it. Then I mix with salad cream for some taste. Looks nice or not??

2 tell DD:

ColourfulWorld 1:39 PM  

Well, it looks nice. Anyway, did you use olive oil? I've tried the simple salad made by one of my coursemate and oh my, with olive oil, everything tasted so great... =)

Dav DiDi 2:32 PM  

I didn't put olive oil. Lastime I buy vinegar to include in potato salad, end up after few times of potato salad, I lazy already and the vinegar wasted in my cupboard...

So, I don't wanna waste money buy olive oil and later keep till expires :P

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