Fun Time @ Jong’s Crocodile Farm

Last Saturday, I went to Jong’s Crocodile Farm which was located quite far from Kuching. I was looking forward for this trip since few months ago but we just do not have the time to go there. Since, BF need to go to OUM, so, we decide to drop by the farm.

Reaching there around noon time (after being lost for a while), we were a bit shock to see that the entrance fee is RM16 per person. Well, when we asked the person in charge, she asked for our IC. They actually have two types of entrance fee. One is for Sarawakian (RM10) and the other is for non-Sarawakian (Rm16). I’m glad I’m Sarawakian. Hahaha!!!

So, we entered and the first thing that we saw is Iguana. I took some pictures of them. They are so big and green! Hahaha, I think I sound so ‘sakai’ and acted like stupid girl in the whole journey inside this place.

The Garden…

Nothing much about the iguana, so we moved on and enter the little garden next to the Iguana. Guess what.. They have goats!

I expect to see crocodiles in crocodile farm but never in my brain to expect other animals such as goats, chicken, duck and ‘bangau’. Hahaha… Can you imagine that I’m chasing the chicken just to get a close picture of them?

Well, I did chase some of the animals in the garden. There are rabbits, parrots and other birds too. When I get close to the ‘bangau’ cage, they actually make a loud sound to chase me away.

Chickenssssss & Duck ....

The Gallery….

I actually don’t feel like going out from the garden, but we have to move on to other section. The gallery has all sorts of information about all the hunting of crocodiles, pictures of how they killed it and also crocodile’s egg. I took the picture of the eggs and also the surrounding.

When I was reading through some of the information, I glance through a signboard saying “No camera allowed”. Ooppsss, so I put away my camera… for the time being..

Then we went out from the gallery and continue our journey. The first animals after this is squirrel. Can you imagine I spend quite a time just trying to get one nice shot of those squirrel??? They really drive me mad and I was so anxious to snap their photos. Well, all the picture that I took is quite blur. I guess, I need to upgrade to another camera.

After the squirrel, we move on to other animals. There are Otter. However, all of them is sleeping when we pass by.

To be Continue.......


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