"I DO" Proposal in Speedy Movie

Yesterday, I watched this movie "Speed" (or Speedy). It was actually about a couple that got into a cruise in which an IT expert intended to destroy the ship. The purpose of the guy bringing the girl to the cruise is actually to propose to her.

I find it very romantic that the guy actually trying real hard to propose to the girl. First, he chose to be on a cruise. The funny thing is that, in the ship, he has tried to take out the ring and gave it to the girl several times. The firstime, he put the ring into his little finger, intended to show to the girl. Too bad, the girl is too excited being in a cruise that the guy decided to give later in the evening. Well, when he was about to give the girl that evening, he felt sea sick out of a sudden and end up vomitting. The next morning, again he tried, but before he manage to say anything, the girl out of sudden mentioning that they just know each other not long and they should know each other more. That, halted the guy's intention again. It was so funny!! The guy try to find the perfect moment to propose but it just never came. Hahaha!!

Well, he did propose at the end. After he rescued the girl from the bad guy, he asked if the girl willing to wear the ring for the rest of her life...

Anyway, all this is only in the movie. In actual facts of life, I guess a romantic proposal is just something every girl dream off but only the minority would experience it.. Hahaha...Hhmm, I'm posting nonsense again.


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