Jong’s Crocodile Farm (Part II)

The Park….

So we moved on to another section. I called it “The Park”. It is a pathway to another section in the farm. There are a lot of other animals flying and running freely here. I felt like as if I’m in the “Jurassic Park” movie where all the animals are all around me. Hahaha..

Peacock ... too bad, the picture is quite blur. This one very sombong ...

There are ducks (I wonder if anyone ever had idea to kill them), chickens, peacocks and even “Bangau”!!!! I love the waterfall too! What a lovely place here.

Coming out of the park is fish pond. They have 2 big fish (can’t remember its name), real BIG fish! I know I sound very ‘sakai’ now but the fish is really BIG!!! I think the fish is longer than my height. That’s how big it is. I manage to take one shot but the picture is without the head (hiding under the bridge).

Oh ya!! Before that, we saw one big animal. I can’t remember its name but it looks like Ostrich. I even took a snap of picture with it!

After that, we move on to crocodiles section. There are first generation, second generation and even third generation crocodiles. They all in swarm area and some is quite big. It really frightened me when I imagine that anyone or anybody falls into the swarm. Will that person be able to survive?
Holding my belonging and camera tightly, I walk across the crocodile’s area with super crazy imagination running in my head.

This one is called "Pak Indon".

Then, we pass through another section. It’s quite deserted and no one but us. It is sort of jungle and there are signboard saying “Beware of Monkey”. Hhmmm, it gives me another imagination (monkeys all over the jungle) of being attacked by monkeys. Did they eventually let the monkeys loose in the jungle?? I wonder…..

Then, the real monkeys. There are two cages with total, 4 monkeys. One of the cages are one couple of monkeys. The mother is carrying the baby and protecting her by not letting us taking any picture of the baby. It took me some time just to get a snap of the mother and her baby.

"Don't worry, mummy will protect you"

Some other animals in the farm are turtles, pigs, deer and alligators. Alligators are slightly smaller size than crocodiles and the mouth is long.





Baby Crocodiles

I forgot wild bear!! We saw bear. He is so excited to see us that he try to climb up to grab us. Well, I felt pity on him because there are no other animals in the cage and he is all alone in the cage. He must be lonely and excited when he saw so many heads popping up on top of the cage to get a view of him.

After walking one round, we are back to where the Otter was. This time, they are all out running and welcoming our existence. I played with them too!

Trying hard to grab my hand ...

Stretching more ....


Lazy to describe more and also I need to get back to work. RM10 is worth the trip and I look forward to visit the farm again. Anyway, more pictures in Part III….


Love your pics. How cute was that bear. I hope he wasn't too lonely, he needs a play mate.
Dav DiDi said…
Too bad , the bear is all alone ... he looks so happy when he sees so many people looking at him...

I wonder if he will eat us if any of us drop into the cage .. hhmmm..

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