8 Months Puppies - Little Pooh is a Coward

Yeah!! Today, I'm back again in posting in my blog! Hhmm, well, yesterday something very funny actually happened.

My dad went to church at around 7.30pm. Things are quite normal at first. I get ready my breakfast and lunch for today and then simply just watch movies or dvds or whatever that is on the channel.

When my dad came home around 9.30pm, something really funny happened. At first, I heard my dad's bike's sound. He opened the gate outside and drive the bike in. My dog was sleeping that time. She is together with me in the room. When she heard the sound of the bike, she woke up and standing, trying to interpret what sound is that. It was like she knows that it is the sound of my dad's bike. However, she keep moving her head and ear to make sure that it is really my dad's bike.

I'm starting to laugh but I simply pretended didn't hear anything. She starts to look at me as if to get some confirmation and waiting for me to say "Master home". But, I just pretend that I didn't hear anything as I wants to see her next reaction.

As there is no reaction from me, little PoohPooh went nearer to the room door. She try to kick open the door (softly) like a thief. Then, she sit right in front of the room door.

After my dad kept the bike, he began to open the main door. When he turn the keys to open them, my dog heard that. Her response really makes me laughing like a mad gal inside the room. She actually run back towards me, making a little bit crying sound and sat right beside me and her head was like hiding behind my shoulder..Aduh!! What happen to this dog, so coward!!

After few seconds, she tries to peep to see if there is anyone opening the room door, while her ear moving in case she heard my dad's voice. When my dad open the room door, at first, she got scared.

Then, when my dad appear and call her name, she quickly jumped up and shake her tail, extremely happy and making innocent face as if I bullied her. Hahahaha .... I'm already laughing loudly when I think about how coward she is..

Hhmmm, I thought she suppose to takes care of me from being harm?? How come it seems the other way round now?? Haaaiihh, I still remember she run away from rats. I thought it is just out of shock. But now, I'm certainly sure that I have a coward dog. I thought Rottweiler suppose to be very brave and fierce. Hhhmm, maybe because that she is only half rottweiler, therefore, she is totally not fierce or brave?? Hahahaha....


Rose said…
Dogs can be very entertaining sometimes. Make you laugh.
Dav DiDi said…
Today is worst .. she makes me angry when she takes my nail polish and play them as if they are ping pong ball ...

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