Yeah!! It's FRIDAY!!! And to make it more glorios, my boss is not around!! Yeah!!! Only left the ostrich brain boss. I'm not sure about anyone else, but for me, I prefer her taking leave rather than my boss taking leave. There is no use to have someone who just shoe polishing big bosses for their own benefits.

Well, I better don't destroy my day with bad posting about her. So, tomorrow's weekend. Basically, I have few plans of what I wants to do during the weekend. What I want to buy, where I wants to go, etc, etc..

Basically, there are few things that I actually intend to do:
1. Bring my car for servicing and then do switching on tyre position (back to front, front to back). Then, do alignment and balancing. I believe this would cost me about RM150/-
2. As my hair is growing longer and longer, I plan to cut it slightly at the shoulder length (I actually believe shorter hair makes me look younger, hahaha). And if it looks like lion's hair, I plan to straightens (rebonding) the hair. Every girls wants to look pretty mar..
3. Well, if there is still times, maybe I wants to go walk around The Spring. I planned to do my hair at The Spring. So that's why I'm thinking of going there for a walk. Else, besides The Spring, any nice suggestion where I could get a hair cut that won't turns out like a lions hair cut ??

Hahahaha, I'm using lion to describe my hair because my hair do looks like the lions hair especially when I woke up. It is so long and thick and so inconvenient at all!!!

When come to think about it, this month, I spent quite a lot of $$. I guess, after being so strict to myself in expenses, I burst out and is spending what I want and what I need. Really have to limit myself not to spend more than what I earn. Lucky that, so far, I'm still spending within my budget.

Hhmmm, I sound very loso today. Never mind, it's FRIDAY!!! Yeah! Yeah! I don't have any great plan for tonight but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate Friday. There is no other day except for FRIDAY!!!

Hiak hiak hiak ... Piakkkssss!!! Tonight, going to disturb my dogs and makes her scare and angry. Last night, she bring one lizards and show it to me. Well, she gets very excited to be able to catch one baby lizards. Why is she happy? Well, because the only bigger thing (other than insect) that she dares to bully is LIZARD. Hahahaha... I ever saw her running chasing a rat, but when the rat stop, she stop too. She don't dare to go near the rats. Even frogs she is being very careful. Little PoohPooh is growing. I'm still wondering whether or not I should neuter her. My dad pity to neuter her. As for me, I don't know because she is a very naughty puppy that always stick beside her master. Hehehehe...

I'm sleepy now. Hope the time would pass faster. I wants to do my work but am lazy. Somebody, please piakkksss me!


Rose said…
I have a great Friday!! :p

Check out a tag for you
Dav DiDi said…
I had a nice weekend too, just that a bit 'pokai' now.. hehehe..

Ok, will check it out ..

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