Weekend Spender

Last Saturday, I blow a hole in my pocket. Huh!! I spent almost RM500. I know that what I spent is something that I'll spend sooner or later. But still RM500 is something!!

Well, I didn't go shopping or buy any items at all. So what did I use or how come I had spent roughly RM500??? Here it goes:

10.00 am

Went for car servicing. As my sterling was a bit run off, therefore I decided to do alignment and balancing, at the same time, switching the front tyre with the back tyre. Servicing cost me about RM112 (I'm using semi-syntetic) and the alignment+balancing+chamber cost me another RM20+RM30... Oh ya!! Car battery too !! So total is about RM176/-...


I reached The Spring and thought of trying the express cut and rebonding. The rebonding + treatment + cut is about RM250. However, the guys there keep pursuing my to get I don't know what small little bottle that cost mr RM38. Hhmmppfff, at first I don't want but they keep talking and talking and talking in Mandarin.... The truth, I don't know what they are saying. They talked too fast and are using deep Mandarin..Hhmmmm....

So total I spend is RM288 + RM176 = RM464.. Argghhhhhh !!!!


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