The Coward Wolverine

Although she is a mix breed of local+rottweiller, her genes carries more on the coward side of the rottweiller. Hey, I'm talking about my dog here. Hehehe ..

I have my own reason of calling her wolverine. Let me make myself clear and not let everyone guessing around. As we all know, wolverine have the 3 sharp 'nail' that can tear our flesh out. For her, she have it too. And that's the reason I ended up with bruises and scratches when playing with her ....

Now, why I call her coward?
Can't remember how I got this..
This is my back .... I ignore her, so she called me for attention...
She is playing her ball and bring it near to me.. then suddenly bite my arm instead of the ball
The scratches due to ignoring her ..

It's easy. Let me show you where is her hiding place when heavy rain began to take over the weather or thunderstorm booming around showing the mighty sound.

During the heavy rain or thunderstorm, she will be hiding underneath the cabinets! If the room door is open, she will go inside and hide underneath the bed.

Underneath the cabinet, comfortably


IT'S Me N.a.N.a said…
hey, ur dog is so so cute ok!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Nana, thanks for your compliment ... she is very naughty though
mello said…
Rottweilers freak me out :S
Dav DiDi said…
Hi mello, nah ... this one is a fake rottweiler :)

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