Padawan Fair

Last month (Jul’09), there is a feast of Padawan Fair at MJC, Kuching. Well, at first I have no intention to go there. After all, all the food fair is almost the same in a way that there will be games, food and some concert.

So, I made up my mind to go there last Friday just to see if there is anything different from it. I bought a coconut drinks or I call it sugar water since it is so sweet that all the coconut smell is gone. Then, BF and I walked around to see if there is anything interesting.

As usual, there will be food stalls with all the special variety of Kuching food. As a Kuching-lang, I’m not fascinated with the foods. BF bought the Taiwan sausages for RM2. Well, it’s cold! Gosh, it tastes totally different when it is cold and hot. I can feel that I’m eating meat covered in plastics.

Then, we went to the games section. I must admit that we went there quite early as some of the games not even started yet. We tried to play the darts shooting the balloon. I must say that I regret playing it. I buy 2 darts to shooting 2 times. The lady tells me that shooting one dart equals to two. Well, I want to shoot the balloon, not to go for the gifts there. Why do I want to consider two darts as one? Then the lady asks me to add RM3 more. I asked what the price is for RM5. She showed me key chain that I can get for RM2 at 100% shop. Seeing that kind of prices, I just tell the lady that I don’t want to play anymore. This is ridiculous!

I regret going to the fair. Hopefully the up coming Kuching festival is not that disappointing.


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