Anime Show by Swinburne Anime & Manga Society

This is actually one of my late posting. Well, few weeks ago (I can’t remember when), the Swinburne Anime & Manga Society had organized an anime show in Boulevard.

There are a lot of anime toys and comics are displayed. For me, I only know few anime toys, they are transformer, dragon ballz, spawn and alien. My favourite are Goku (with gold hair) and Gohan (Goku’s son). I first knew about this in university. Yeah, I know that I’m very outdated! Well, that time I spent a night at my friend’s house and she has the whole sets of Dragon Ballz comics. Since she is still sleeping and I got nothing to do, so I just sat and began to read the dragon ballz comics. I got so addicted that I even borrowed more than 20 episodes back to Kuching. Well, my parents thought I’m crazy because I only bring home comic books and 2 books that I want to study. Anyway, I like the character Goku and Gohan!
OK, cut the crap. So for those that who are anime fan, they would definitely be standing still looking at the toys, just like my BF.


Jenny said…
I made myself my own award. take it from my site...
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for visiting my blog ... ok, will go and see...

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