El-Nino is Here

Few days ago, there are news about El-Nino in Kuching. That time, Samarahan has been reported with the highest API reading. As I'm day dreaming in the car, I realize that the sun is reddish in color and everywhere seems to be smoky.

The smell of the air is extremely bad. I could feel that I'm smelling something burnt off. When I breath out, the air is really hot and sandy.

It is said that this will continues until Oct'09. Gosh, I'm hoping for rain now. This kind of weather really makes me lazy to do anything, not even going to aerobics.
Anyway, cut the crap.. So here are some tips from worldofdidi in handling this coming of el-nino.

Drink Plenty of Water
With this kind of weather, we should drink plenty of waters. Eventhough drinking more waters makes us go washroom more often, it is better than risking our health. H1N1 is everywhere and the humidity is also killing us. Drinking more water won't cause any harm to out body.

Turn on the lights while driving
This morning, when I drive to work, I am shocked to see how thick the haze is. If the API reported for today is still 105, definitely there is something wrong with the machine! BF sms me while I'm driving to ask me to turned on the light. Well, stupid me, asking back why need to turn on the light. So for those who are driving and feels that the haze is disturbing your vision, just turn on the light. If other drivers is saying you nuts, let them be.. After all, better be save than sorry, right?

Stay away from outdoors
During my UL last Wednesday, I just can't sit still due to the heaty weather. I went out to 4th mile and things don't seems to be good neither. The moment I got out of the car, I felt my skin is burning. What the hack with this weather! So for those that intends to go out, make sure you put on some sun block to prevent direct sun-light to your skins. Wear hat if you are bold, ok!


RaiNboW said…
Hi DD, I agree the weather condition is becoming worst and worst. Really bei ta han living in such a hot situation.
Rose said…
I just make a post on the dry spell. :p

Yeap, stay indoor more, drink more water, take bath. And I heard that Kuching is going to be lack of water supply. Insufficient water supply in 2 weeks time!! Oh dear! stock up your water!! Some parts of Kuching has no or low water supply, I heard yesterday
Dav DiDi said…
Rainbow, yalor .. can't really stand without aircon..

Rose, really ?? Well, I keep on telling my dad not to waste water.. he use to let the tap water flow and forget about it after that .. Hhhmmm ... really need to stock up water then ...

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