El NiNo - Water Shortage Soon?

~~~ Continuation from my previous posting of el-nino ~~~

Hey readers, read this news!

It seems like if everyone still wasting water, we will run out of water very soon. According to Bernama, the water at Gerugol Dam is depleting. The water shortage is affecting Sarikei, Simunjan and also Samarahan. Gosh, I'm working nearby to Samarahan area. I can't imagine how smelly would the toilet be if there is no water here!

According to sources (NST), the water level had dropped to a critical level. Gerugul dam in Sarikei can only serve water for 2 more weeks. In fact this is not the only worst news. Places such as Niah, Bekenu and Bakong rely only on water relief supplies. The government has taken action to starts water seeding beginning this Monday.

I am consider lucky as I am in Kuching. Recently I realize that the flow of the pipe water is weird. I thought that it is nothing. I hope things won't gets worst.

As I am typing this post, it sounds to me that outside is raining heavily. Yahooooooooo!!!!

**Let us pray to God that rain would fall at those area with water shortage...


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