Food Food and More Food!

Have you ever wonder what to have for your lunch? During my UL, I would usually go out to eat lunch. Sometimes, went to simple 'kopitiam' such as BDC A1B2, 4th mile (outside Everise), Sungai Maong (any of the kopitiam) or even King Centre Da Lai.

Once a while, I'll ask my dad to go and eat at 7th mile, 10th mile or in any of the air-condition places. The other day, I went to 7th mile with my dad. I realize that there are one shop at the normal kopitiam that I use to eat. There are a lot of variety of rice such as tom yam fried chicken rice, spicy chicken rice, salad chicken rice and a lot more! Mine is butter chicken rice. I still remember that the lastime I had butter chicken rice is 4 yrs ago (*wink*).

Rm4.50. I like the way they presented the food. The taste is not bad and the rice is definitely not cheap rice!

Well, if I went out with BF and we are hunger for some tea break, I would usually just order the 7 dish soup in Boulevard food court (share, I can't finish that bowl). I prefer those in Boulevard rather than The Spring. There are two simple reason. First, the soup at Boulevard taste better. Those at The Spring is only anjinomoto. Second, cost wise, Boulevard is much cheaper! During this heaty season, this is good to be taken as meal.

A bowl of soup...RM4.50? can't remember...

One of the most famous food in Malaysia is .... CURRY!!! Well, I definitely will not recommend anyone to eat this at the moment. According to Borneo Post news, they mention that with every one degree increase in weather, chances for human to infected with diarhoea increases by 8%. Curry is one of the food that could lead to 'lau sai'.

After BF ate half of it, then I remembe about snap the photos

To settle for something nice and in air-conditioned, fast food like KFC, Sugarbun, McD and Pizza Hut will always came to our mind. Pizza hut doesn't mean that they serve only pizza. They have spaghetti too!!!

Most of the time, we had to settle with something just to fill our stomach. That's the case where we had to eat in the office with whatever junk that the office 'kopitiam' had to offer.

P/S: With flu and sore throat, it doesn't make any different whether we eat in or out. Why? Because the taste is covered with mukus!!


Rose said…
Wow! looking at all those food pics, make me want to eat liaw! hahaha!

Very hot weather, you take care and not eat too much heaty food. Drink more fluid.
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, thanks ya .. yeah, i'm trying to drink as much fluid as i can ... haaiihzz... i hate to be sick ...

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