New Hair Cut at Mike Saloon, Sg Maong

Most of the time, I would get my hair cut at Mike Saloon, Sg Maong. I like the way the stylist cut my hair. It is always up to what I want it to be. My first plan is actually to get my hair cut at Cutting Edge because of their RM9 promotion. I didn’t go though because the promotion ends 31st July.

Anyway, I went to my common saloon but a bit disappointed as the guy that normally cuts my hair is not there. I guess he resigned because I saw a vacancy notice to hire another hair stylist. I think this also means that this would be the last time I had my hair cut there. Well, I don’t mean that I don’t like other stylist but I prefer that stylist because he knows what I want more.

Anyway, here is my new hair style. I told the stylist to maintain my hair length and only to layer it. Since I’m addicted with the effect selection in my camera phone, therefore, I took my own photos with some effects.

For those that thinks this hair style is nice and wants to go to this saloon, it is located at Sg Maong (somewhere near to a DVD shop), 2 ½ mile. The stylist is the owner himself, Mike.

P/S: Any idea what saloon is good? I'm thinking of going to "The Cut" at RH Plaza


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