Missing in Words

Lately, I felt like I've been missing out of what to say or what to do. Life just gets busier each day that I do not know which or what is the priority. Well, there's been a lot of on going lately. In work and also home and personal targets. I just hope I don't get all my energy drain out.

Everyday, when I got back home, all I want to do is lie flat on bed or play with Pooh. I don't even have mood for my favourite tv show 'Bones'. Sheessshhh..!! A lot of things is playing in my mind that I just can get myself relax. I guess, I better hire one PA to help me cope with all the things that's happening around me. Lol!!!

So what's new? Well, new job, new career gives a lot of learning opportunity.  That's work. Nobody will say work is perfect so there's nothing much to bubble about on works. I think I'm the type that just won't sit still until everything is being plan out or carry out.

My house will be complete soon and that will means more money out of our pockets. Not to mention money out for what's going to happen end of the year. Oh well, I think spending money on house will be more fruitful than wedding? Or vice versa? Hhmmmmm..... I need God's guidance in planning out a good financial tracking of what I'll be spending for the next couple of month. God bless me!

I think I deserve a little break of my busy life. Hopefully be end of this year, I'll be more relax and calm.


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