Dine at The Banquet

I was invited by another department to join in their dinner for the farewell of one of the counterpart who will return to its origin branch. Since I don't know how to reject them, I just agree to go with them for the dinner.

When talk about The Banquet, all I can remember is the butter prawn. This time, we did order butter prawn - a different kind of butter prawn though. This time, it's butter prawn with wasabi. Trust me, its not spicy at all!!!!!

Here's what food that we order...

21 years old Chivas bought by the Angmo.. Oh well, oklor, this time only

My glass..gosh, I need ice or sprite lah

No idea what this call but its nice!!!


More appetizer

Another appetizer, not sure why they put all the appetizer into separate plates

Fried mushroom and other vegetables

Butter prawn with wasabi.. nice!!! My saliva is dropping now...

Ok, this is the best!!!!!

Close shot

Curry fish .. "tauke" of the departments serves us ...

Last dish .. another vegetables...

With all the food that I ate lately, I still ask myself why I can't lose weight. Huh!!


Rose said…
Never mind, end of the year already. It is hard to think of losing weight now. Just eat and worry later. Lol

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