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Family Cafe Dinner

Anyone knows or been to this place? For me, this cafe is full with memories. When I'm kid, my parents always bring us out for dinner here as it is near our house. Also, the price is quite reasonable.

Out of the blue, hubby tell me that he wants to eat outside. WHen we reach there, we are the first customer. Lol! At 5.15pm, I'm definitely the first customer to eat at any restaurant. Hehehe...

A must have things to have will always be chillies. Hehehe...

Here's what we've ordered...

2 tell DD:

Rose 10:43 AM  

Where is this place???

Dav DiDi 1:43 PM  

Near my hse.. hui sing .. one of the building block.. errrr, same row as kim hock lin.. (something like that)

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