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Mulu Adventures Day 1 – Deer Caves & Lang Caves, The World Heritage

My adventures begin by a little ride to the main heritage registration point. Here I am!

What should I expect from today’s journey? Well, not much actually. It’s all exercise and walking – walking into the deer caves and lang caves.
And the journey beginss....

The cave is call deer caves because back in the long history, there’s a lot of deer inside the caves. Now, it’s just a tourist attraction place. We saw a lot of bats inside and according to them there are thousands, or more than ten thousands bats inside.

It's actually an insect..look carefully

Gonna wait for the bats later.. please come out...

The whole journey takes half a day. Anyway, let me just put the pictures for view.

At the end, we sat for almost 2 hours waiting for the bats to come out. Guess, we are not of any luck today. Sigh!

2 tell DD:

Rose 2:13 PM  

So, you didnt see the bats flying out??

Nice adventure there. I have never been there yet.

Dav DiDi 8:58 PM  

we waited until 7pm .. then it was too late and dangerous to even walk back we jz head back to hotel :) sighh..miss out the bats

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