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New coffee shoop is in town! For those who do not understand hokkien, 'Chiak Pa Boi' means have you eaten yet. I must admit that the shop owner is indeed good in giving the name of the shop. I think it's kind of cute.

So, being Kuching-lang, definitely I'll go and visit any new coffee shop in town. My first impression - cool. And I'm attracted by their toilet sign. Believe me, it's cute too...

I order 'bak chang' from one of the stall. My dad order the 'pat lo' rice while HB order kampua mee. The food is nice. But then, I must say, I almost lost my temper waiting for my drinks. Their reason is that one of the drink maker had resign last minutes.

Oh well, for me, this reason is really unacceptable. They are only in town for less than a week and had already experience people leaving? Hhmmmm.. They should try to solve the root cause rather than giving excuses! If I'm the owner, I would definitely discount for the drinks. How long I waited? Oh well, after finishing my bak chang, HB finish his kampua and dad finishes his pat lo rice, the drinks are yet to come. =.=

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Rose 2:13 PM  

For new outlets, services is definitely important. Havent try it yet. Saw the coffee shop and every time we passed, my girl will asked "Chiak Pa Boi?" lol!

Dav DiDi 7:56 AM  

haha .. yeah, i must agree the kopitiam name is attractive.. but then after the bad experience with the drinks.. i'm not sure if i want to go back there again...

Newspaper Star 9:05 PM  

I too have bad experience!! Feel like not going there again. I was cheated twice in that shop on the same day!!

Dav DiDi 7:19 AM  

I thought I'm the only one with the bad experience.. hehe ..
Well, the bak chang is yummy .. but my next trip, i'll just tapau the bak chang..
Really not worth getting pissed off waiting for drinks when everything else is finished

Newspaper Star 7:41 PM  

Tell you what happen, that day (1-April I think) I saw the chinese wordings saying "Invitation to drink free kopi" when I drived passed the shop towards Boulevard. Tempted by free drinks, I purposely made a long turn just to visit the shop. To my disappointment, the drink was NOT FREE!!! They say the FREE DRINK IS ONLY VALID FOR 28-MARCH ONLY!!!! That was "Cheat #1"

I will tell you about "Cheat #2" which is quite pissed off next time. To be continued...

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