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While reading back my previous posting, I realize that recently, what I wrote is getting lesser in words. Also, it's not as attractive as before. Hhhmmm, where goes all my inspiration of blogging? Why can't I find words within my writing? Even now, I just can't get my sentences right. Sigh!

Oh well, I hope that I'll get it back on track soon.

Anyway, let me share some of my experience going to my routine monthly follow up at private hospital and government clinics.

People always say private hospital better. There's no need to wait and specialist is there to assist you. Oh well, here's what my thought is. I ever waited for almost 3 hours at private hospital waiting for my turn. The most that I wait at government clinic would be 1 hour. So who say private hospital, you get to have the 'no waiting' time? Another thing is private hospital, there's specialist. Well, the longest time I'm with the specialist might be only 5 minutes? VS government clinics which is about 15 minutes. So, what makes you feel that with or without specialist makes the whole thing so much different?

That's one of my thoughts. It is for you to decide. Hehehe...

Anyway, let me share one of my experience in government clinics. Last Monday, I went for my normal checkup at 7th mile Klinik Ibu dan Anak. Everything is lame until the nurse trying to get find my baby heartbeat to check if she is healthy or not. Guess what, the younger nurse try to find my baby position but got a kick from her. She keep on 'swimming' inside from left, right, up and down. I can't stop but laughing because each time the nurse found her, she kick and swim away. Then the older nurse came. WIth her experience, she sort of 'block' the way. I can feel that baby had no choice but to stay put. Hehehe...

Then, I get my second injection for anti tetanus or whatever they call it. This time, it's a future doctor who is entering his final year that give me the injection.

Why I think its funny? OH well, his hand  is SHAKING!!! The nurse keep on guiding him but then he just got so nervous and scared. I know, I should be worrying or scare but then, when I look at his reaction, I really can't help but laugh. It is very painful. But take it this way, if there's no 'guinea pig' that willing to let this future doctor have their trial, where would all the doctors come from? I told hubby about the funny injection and he ask me, aren't you suppose to feel scare? I say "no, I think it's very funny". Opppss, sorry future doctor for laughing at you.

Actually this is not the first time I laugh at the staff there. There's one time, where a younger nurse trying to get my blood from my thumb to do HIV test. And my blood just doesn't come out! I keep on laughing.. Then the older nurse came and help out. Hahaha...

Ok ok... shall post photo during my next visit to government clinics


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