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When we have kids, it is hard to balance up personal time and family time. Further, being a full time working mum, I spent 8.5 hours in office from Mon-Fri. This makes it tougher for me to balance up what I wants to do in life with quality family time.

I would sneak out some time during the lunch hour to do personal stuff - includes blogging and updating my blog. Somehow's I realize that I can't comment or reply comment in my blog or other blog! Sigh!! Must be my connection problem here. Oh well, for now, I got to live with it since blogging at home would be quite impossible at the moment.

Hopefully, after deliver, I will have further time although I doubt that. Not only that I'm a FTWM, I'm also an employee, a mother and a student! Yeah, you heard me.. I'm taking master study currently and life is even more challenging for me to balance up.

Oh well, I'm just taking some of the time to tell other bloggers who leave comments in my blog on why I don't reply. Sometimes, when I blog hop, I do want to comment but helplessly couldn't do so :(

Anyway, have a great day ahead. God Bless! 


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